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Service Personnel Information

  • Name: Lloyd George McKinnon
  • Service Regimental Number:995171
  • Rank:Pilot Officer
  • Height/weight:145.5, 5ft 9'
  • Colour of eyes:Brown
  • Marital status:None
  • Religion:Roman Catholic
  • Address:533 Home Street
  • Next of Kin (and relationship):Isaac McKinnon (father)
  • Date of enlistment:May 12th 1942
  • City and province of enlistment: Winnipeg, Manitoba


WWII was a horrible time for so many people, many of lives were lost and many of them were innocent young men, fighting for their country, and for the lives of many Lloyd George McKinnon was one of these innocent men. Lloyd was the son of Isaac McKinnon (his next of kin) and Teresa McKinnon. Lloyd was a regular, Roman Catholic young man. He was single, 5ft 9’, 145.5 pounds and had brown eyes. He attended St. Paul's High School from 1929-1933. He was born on August 9th 1915, and lived in Winnipeg on 533 Home Street. Lloyd was a mechanic, and had no prior Air Force experience. (Military Service Files)Lloyd’s life changed drastically when he Enlisted for the Air Force on May 12 1942. He enlisted in Winnipeg Manitoba to be some sort of engineer, but ended up being a pilot officer. Lloyd’s service number was 995171 and his rank was P/O (pilot officer) and his regiment was the Royal Canadian Air force. Lloyd’s unit was 206 SQDN Overseas. (History on the Net)

Lloyd was a Pilot Officer a warship, over his time in the army he gained the Air Gunner Badge, the 39-45 Star, a general Sergeant medal and the C.V.S.M. Lloyd was killed on Sep 28th 1944 at the age of 29 (Military Heritage Database). He was buried at the Runnymede Memorial cemetery in Surrey, England. When Lloyd was killed he was flying in a 4 dash 8 equipped with a Wright R-3350 gun 13 miles off of the Norwegian Coast on anti-submarine patrol and was shot down by an enemy aircraft. Lloyds ship was shot down by a Heinkel He 280, which was equipped with Fock Wulf 280 guns (Canadian Wings). Lloyds death was confirmed shortly after the battle, how they found this out was not confirmed, but seeing as he had an official burial, they must have found a part, if not all of his body.

Around the time of Lloyd’s death Finland just concluded an Armistice with the Soviet Union, leaving the Axis partnership. On September 28 1944 (the day of Lloyds death) The Germans took out a British Airborne 13 Miles off the coast of the Norway (World War II). This was most likely the battle in which Lloyd was killed. Lloyds squadron was known as the 402, and their motto was “Stand on Guard”. The squadron badge consists of a gold ring of maple leaves, surrounding what appears to be a bear like creature, and there is a crown on top of the ring, and at the bottom is says the squadron’s motto “we stand on guard”. (Canada at War)

Lloyd’s squadron served in many battles over the course of the war and earned many battle honours such as the Defence of Britain, Fortress Europe, North Sea, Dieppe, Normandy, and Arnhem. Lloyd most likely chose to be in the Air force because he applied to be a mechanic (because that was his original job) and ended up being offered to become a pilot officer. Being a pilot officer came with many responsibilities, such as flying a plan, being in control of the whole crew, being in charge of other pilots, and being the officer for that region of pilots. (Military Service Files)

WWII was a horrific time for many people, and unfortunately Lloyd had to be a part of it. He left his loving family behind in Winnipeg, and become a pilot officer. Over his career in the Air Force he travelled lots, achieved many awards, and was apart of the 402 squadron, also known as the Winnipeg Bears. This nickname would make a lot of sense, seeing as there insignia was a badge with a bear in the middle of it. Lloyd was a vital part of this squadron because he was the pilot officer, and he got the people going. Unfortunately he and most of his squad mates passed away on September 28th 1944. Lloyd McKinnon left his loving family, and friends in Winnipeg to fight for his country in WWII. Lloyd is a true man for others, and he shall not be forgotten.

Military Service Record

  • Age (at death):29
  • Force: Air Force
  • Unit:206 SQDN Overseas
  • Service Number:995171
  • Honours and Awards:Air Gunner Badge, 39-45 star, general sargeant, C.V.S.M
  • Photograph:Yes
  • Next of Kin (and relationship): may have changed since he enlisted: Father, Isaac McKinnon
  • Date of Death: September 28th 1944
  • Country of Burial: England
  • Cemetery: Runnymede
  • Grave Reference:Panel 251
  • Location:Surrey, England
  • Book of Remembrance: Lloyds name was not found in the Book of Remembrance.

Grave Reference

  • Name of Cemetery:Merrymede Cemetary
  • Grave Reference:Panel 251
  • Runnymede cemetery is devoted to the Air Force casualties in WWII. Runnymede commemorates over 20, 000 men that passed away in WWII. The Air Force memorial was designed by John Hutton. It is said that inside Runnymede, there is Water Meadow, where King John sealed the Magna Carta in 1215.
external image runnymede_memorial3.JPG
(Runnymede memorial cemetery)

Additional information/links/Pictures

external image 402squadron_p.jpg

(This is the badge of the 402, the squad that Lloyd was in) (Area of Runnymede, the diamond represents the Air Force memorial where Lloyd is burried.) (Web Page devoted to Lloyd) (Web Page talking about squadron 402)

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