William George Roddy

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Sargent Air Observer, 156 Squadron RAF, RCAF

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Service Personnel Information

  • Name: Roddy, William George
  • Service Regimental Number: R95149
  • Rank: Sargeant Observer
  • Height/weight: 5'8", 140 lbs
  • Colour of eyes: Blue
  • Marital status: Single
  • Religion: Roman Catholic
  • Address: 899 Warsaw Avenue
  • Next of Kin (and relationship): Mrs. Harriet Irene Roddy (Mother)
  • Date of enlistment: February 2, 1941
  • City and province of enlistment: Winnipeg MB


William George Roddy fought as part of the Royal Canadian Air Force, and went missing overseas on the 6th of July 1942. He was age 22 when he died and was a Sergeant Observer. He was enlisted and trained in Winnipeg, Manitoba, where he also attended St. Paul’s College.

William’s listed next of kin was his mother, Harriet Irene Roddy. He lived with her at 899 Warsaw Avenue. There is no mention in his records of his father living with them, meaning either he left her or she is a widow.

At the beginning of his training, William was an Aircraftsmen, this is a training rank and has no real significance. William was an observer at the time of his death. His responsibility was navigation for the purpose of finding bombing targets.

At the time of his death, William was “gardening”. This was code for aerial mine laying. This meant laying mines in the water to create a barrier against enemy vessels. At the time he was flying a Vickers Wellington MK3. It is a twin engine medium bomber with eight (4 twin) machine guns.

William and the rest of his crews graves are at Kerentech Cemetery in Lorient, France. As he went missing overseas, his headstone is just a marker.

On July 7, 1942, the Germans were trying to conquer Russia. They made it to Voronezh, but because of the strong Russian counter attack went for Rostov instead.

William received the 39-45 Star, awarded for service from September 1939 to May 1945, The Air Crew European Star, awarded for serving over Europe for two months, The war medal, awarded for serving 28 days in the merchant marines or armed orces, and the Canadian Volunteer Service metal, awarded for eighteen months service.

Military Service Record

  • Age (at death): 22
  • Force: RCAF
  • Unit: 156 Squadron
  • Service Number: R95149
  • Honours and Awards: 39-45 Star, Aircraftsmen European Star, War Medal, Canadian volunteer service Medal
  • Photograph: Clean hair, Dark, Glasses, Slender Face
  • Next of Kin (and relationship): Harriet Irene Roddy (mother)
  • Date of Death: July 7, 1942
  • Country of Burial: France
  • Cemetery: Kerentech Communal Cemetery
  • Grave Reference: Plot 62, Row D, Grave 7
  • Location: Lorient
  • Book of Remembrance: P. 111

Grave Reference

  • Name of Cemetery: Kerentech Communal Cemetery, Lorient, France
  • Grave Reference: Plot 62, Row D, Grave 7
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Additional information/links

Video showing Vickers Wellington medium bomber

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Archival Reference

Military service files of William George Roddy (RG 24 28544) obtained from Library and Archives Canada, 395 Wellington Street, Ottawa, Ontario.

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